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Insurance Fraudulent Claim Verification

We’re determined to fight against the fraudulent claims and provide you with the best verification services globally. With our experience of 2 decades, our professionals display a strong commitment towards you to provide best quality services and deliver it with a cost effective approach.

We assess every assignment to review the scope of verification and make a strategy for further proceedings. Our final reports are concluded with case analysis, findings and physical & documentary evidences.

We recommend our services before you take preventive measures. Our vast services are able to verify the truth behind fake claims.

Our insurance claim verification services include:

  • Death Claim Verifications
  • Contestable Death Claims
  • Foreign Death of non-immigrants or non-residents
  • Travel Insurance Claims
  • Property Claims
  • Third Party Claims
  • Fatal Accident Verifications
  • Verifications of Homicide/Suicide
  • Investigation of Disappearance of the Victim/Witness
  • Subrogation & Recovery
  • Statement of Witness
  • Coordination with Law Enforcement Agencies

For more information about our insurance claims verifications services, please send your queries on info@gvs.ae.