We are providing Corporate Investigation Services, Due Diligence Investigations, Background Checks & Intelligence Services in UAE and 100+ countries

Commercial Information Services

We at GVS Commercial Information Services deliver powerful insights and recommendations that are used by organizations to enhance their management strategies across their consumer and small-business portfolios etc. Here we provide very actionable information with authentic data to our domestic and international clients. This allows them to make a better and informed business decisions. Our Business Information Report, Commercial Information Report and International Report system help companies effectively to evaluate the status of their future associates and customers to mollify the risk of non-payment and unexpected business or reputation loss.

With us now you can easily identify and target the potential associates and business partner around the globe, with a variety of industries and a peace of mind. Few of our professional report systems are as under:

Business Information Reports

The Business Information Report is a brief cum prerequisite set of information about the desired company, which allows you to understand about the actual position of the company and their basic business details. Here you will be served with the details about the key management personals, strength of employees, line of business or business type, details about domestic and international offices and covering the below mentioning topics:

  • Company Registration Status with their Identification and Legal Status
  • Company Business Activities and Operations
  • Company status as per international scale or standards
  • Business Viability Score
  • Portfolio Comparison etc.

Corporate Reports

Corporate Reports are the gist of Information related to all corporate matter and company affairs. Here we make the search - from the Incorporation of company, their registration number, current or previous business background and Information regarding core business activities their financial status etc. Other points are as under:

  • Search and Verification of incorporation of the company
  • Details about the Key Management Personal
  • Current subsidiaries and business associates
  • Credentials with Business and Banking affiliation
  • Complete Financial Assessment with report
  • Asset Mortgage, Banker and Debt Status
  • Companies Share Holder and Shareholding Patterns
  • Litigation history or adverse media reports
  • Payment histories and experience
  • Credit Opinion and Recommendations

Here we focus on every single aspect and reveal the information which can protect your interest and make your future venture safe and secure.

International Reports

Our team of international associates and professionals take utmost care to reveal the desired information, their strong deep rooted local connection and friendly approach allows us to left no stone unturned. We provide very reliable and competitively priced reports on subjects worldwide.

Now you have no need to travel multiple times to verify the single fact. You can save lots of your time and money while sitting in your native office. The points to be covered in this report are as under:

  • Business Summary with Brief History
  • Payment Trends with Financial Statement
  • Industry Comparison and
  • Corporate Family Tree if any