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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is corporate risk investigation?

Corporate Risk investigation is a fact finding exercise conducted by experienced corporate due diligence and risk management companies having expertise in these fields. The objective of corporate investigation is to get to the core of problems arising in one’s business, trade or profession. These are such areas which do not generally come in the purview of state run investigation agencies. Corporate investigation however does not deal with sensitive subjects like investigation related to heinous crimes which are the exclusive subjects of state run agencies like Police.

2. What are the services that I can avail from Greves Verification Solutions (GVS)?

GVS provides a holistic range of Corporate Risk Management and investigative services. GVS, i.e. Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC is a company registered and duly licensed to operate in the DWC. The services offered by GVS are: Cost Control and Risk mitigation, Management Services, Marketing Research and Consultancies, Commercial Information services, Documents and Data verification services, Intellectual Property Rights Management and risk protection.

3. How does the GVS investigation team operate?

The GVS team conducts physical and on-site enquiries and verification over and above the highest order of database searches and online research. All facts are then thoroughly studies and corroborated by our expert corporate research analysts and the team then prepares a holistic and analytical fact finding report talking into account all on-site and online facts gathered during the course of investigation.

4. How good is the success rate?

The operational success rate of GVS has so far been very encouraging and promising and there have been numerous instances where our prestigious clients including big corporate, Legal Industry and Insurance companies etc., have saved a fortune by availing our services, which have led to unearthing of several undisclosed facts leading to early arrest and permanent mitigation of risks arising therefrom. However, the success rate varies form a case to case basis and also depends upon the accuracy of the initial information provided by the client. The outcome of the investigation needs to be carefully analyzed and duly corroborated with the circumstances surrounding the particular case and only then the desired success can be achieved.

5. What all type of sources is used while conducting the investigation?

GVS team puts to use both public and private resources including public databases. Private sources may include enquiries conducted within a closed group. The investigation includes physical verification from state agencies and government departments, as per the need of the particular case.

6. What is the legal validity of the corporate investigative findings and whether the research/ investigation report provided by GVS bears any legal value in the courts of law?

The fact finding report provided by GVS may be an admissible document and may be used for the purpose of litigation support. However, in such a case, the facts included in the report must have emanated from public resources. The report may also have to be reduced to the form of an affidavit of an investigator, which may form the part of additional evidence adduced to support the cause of the case.

7. How do I assign a case?

Go to our Hire an Investigator page and fill-in a simple form. You can email us or call our office to take the process forward and our office executives will take you through the remaining process of assigning the case and also help you with the finalization of cost quotes. Our initial consultations are always free. If you have any general investigative questions, you may contact us or call us at any time.

8. What is your turnaround time on assignments?

Once an assignment is received in our office, you will receive receipt of confirmation via email or telephone within a day and then the case shall be forwarded to our operations department for onward allocation to an assigned investigator. The assigned Investigator will contact you to go over any specific details before commencing the investigation.

9. What type of security do you employ for our sensitive cases?

Just in case, the assignment given to us has some additional sensitivity attached to it, you may get the same noted and the assigned investigator will take due care and precaution while handling the same. We maintain special confidentiality in such ultra-sensitive cases and not even our staff gets to know the complete working details or the clients and other sensitive information related to the case. Only the dedicated Operations Manager and the higher management know the sensitive elements related to a case and they also keep such information confined to them.

10. Is it possible to assign international assignments?

Yes, GVS takes pride in its expanded international presence. It has a vast and well-knit network of group associates and investigators which makes it convenient for GVS to render its services in many countries.

11. Can international assignments be executed simultaneously in multiple countries?

Yes, the presence of group associates all over the world makes it possible for GVS to render services at the same time in many countries. The assignments can be executed simultaneously even in the remote locations of the world.

12. How does GVS operate in foreign countries?

GVS operates through a network of group associates and network partners. Many of the GVS international partners are trusted and reputed international risk management companies operating in their respective domains and are capable of rendering the highest quality risk management and corporate investigation services in their respective domains.

13. What is the mode of payment and how do I get the payment acknowledged?

The payments can be remitted online and the moment you make the payment, our accounts department shall issue an acknowledgment for the same. The banking details required for making the remittance shall be made available when the assignment gets confirmed. Our operations team shall provide the details to you.

14. Are the investigators licensed to operate?

Licensing requirements are not common in all parts of the world. However, wherever such requirements exist, our investigators are duly licensed to operate and also possess the requisite qualifications.