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Corporate Theft Investigations

Corporate Thefts are very common these days and at times it is difficult to figure out the victim. There are two categories of corporate thefts; white collar thefts and blue collar thefts. White collar thefts involves the professionals of the company and blue collar involves the fourth class employees. White collar theft is generally a non-violent financially motivated theft by a professional whereas blue collar includes the violent or undesired activities in the company or an organization.

Corporate Investigators provide guidance for all sorts of corporate thefts where the White Collar Thefts includes:

  • Analyze all the financial books/records
  • Organize surveillance on the suspected employees
  • Interrogate the employee handling the accounts/finances separately
  • Check the financial background of the employee
  • Check his financial status at the time of joining
  • Check the emails/phone conversation

Our investigation for Blue Collar Thefts includes:

  • Know the reasons for violence etc from the victim
  • Analyze his behavior at workplace

Our aim is to abolish or minimized the corporate crimes to save the companies, organizations and individuals from future losses which actually helps them in expanding their business. We are rank best among the distinguished corporate investigators globally where our counter-parts seek guidance from us occasionally. We strictly follow the high business ethics and moral norms and enter into the employee/official, company’s space during surveillance. We keep in mind that the company’s or individual’s reputation is not hindered. To know more about our corporate investigation services, you can contact us on [email protected].